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Raider Nation’s New Secretary of Defense

Posted: 6th July 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Raider Nation has a new Secretary of Defense. He is Butkus Award winning middle linebacker Rolando McClain. The Raiders are coming off of a year where the defense ranked 29th against the run. The new Secretary Of Defense was appointed to fix that problem in Raider Nation. Does Raider Nation really have their man? That is the million dollar question. Raider Nation has their man if he is physical, smart, and instinctive. Speed helps but he must have the aforementioned traits along with the ability to shed ...

If I Could Be President of Raider Nation For Eight Weeks

Posted: 3rd July 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
In no way do I mean to disrespect Mr. Al Davis or Tom Cable. They have done an awesome job this offseason. There are just a few more moves that need to be made. I believe these moves could possibly make the Raiders a Super Bowl contender. Who knows! These moves may already be on the way. There is still a month left before trainning camp starts. Let's get started.Begin Slideshow

Has Tyvon Branch Become a Premier Strong Safety?

Posted: 28th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Has Tyvon Branch become a premier strong safety? A case can be made that Branch has definentely joined the elites. He seems to be all over the field just like Troy Palamalu and Bob Sanders. I know it's hard to believe the Raiders have such a player because of their record, but it's true. Palamalu in his best year had 96 tackles, one sack, 10 passes defensed, one forced fumble, and five interceptons. Bob Sanders in ...

Can Khalif Barnes Get a Shot with the Oakland Raiders?

Posted: 27th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
After all the offseason improvements, Oakland Raiders look to be a left tackle away from  contention. Jared Gaither looks good in silver and black, but it doesn't look like that will happen. It appears now that the Raiders are going with a guy already on the team. That made me think. Can Khalif Barnes get a shot? Khalif Barnes is a former second round pick out of Washington. He came into the league and anchored ...

Wanted in Raider Nation: Jared Gaither

Posted: 20th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Another billboard should soon to be posted. Jared Gaither is a wanted man in Raider Nation. If you see him, bring him in. Al Davis has already dramatically improved the Raiders but Gaither is the one player that can put us over the top. There are too many reasons why it makes sense. The main reason is that we need a left tackle period. Mario Henderson had a horrible year after playing well in 2008. However, we have ...

The Oakland Raider’s Backfield: “Jam Master Jay and Run DMC”

Posted: 18th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
The NFL is now looking for a new backfield band to go up the charts. The Oakland Raiders now have "Jam Master Jay and Run-DMC." Backfield bands across the NFL landscape have have been formed. The last band to make a number one hit was the New York Giant's "Earth, Wind, and Fire" in 2007. The Tennessee Titans as recently had "Smash and Dash." But "Dash" has since gone solo with a 2,000 yard season while "Dash" is looking for ...

The Raiders Need One More Gift From Santa This Spring\Summer.

Posted: 14th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Raider Nation has obviously been more nice than naughty lately. Why would I say that? Because he delivered gifts for Raider fans. We all know of the woes the Raiders have had over the last few of years stopping the run. In the draft, Santa brought us Butckus Award winning middle linebacker Rolando McClain in the first round. He didn't stop there. In the second round, he brought us Lamarr Houston. Houston created problems for the ...

Oakland Raiders: Can Head Coach Tom Cable Be Great?

Posted: 9th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Is Tom Cable the next great Oakland Raiders head coach? The signs point to yes. Raider Nation has ranted and raved over the draft this year and rightfully so. The influx of talent over the last couple seasons minus the quarterback bust has given Oakland fans reason to do so. The Raiders have brought in talent before but with mixed results, going through superstars like Randy Moss without an improvement. The losing continues and the players move ...

Could This Be the Unit That Improves the Raiders’ Run Defense?

Posted: 8th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
The rumbling continues in Raider Nation over the Raider's run defense. Many question if enough has been done about it in the offseason. A great start was made in the draft. Rolando McClain projects well as a first round pick. Lamarr Houston was also considered to be a solid pick out of Texas in the second round. Then a curve ball was thrown at Raider nation. Houston was a defensive tackle at the University of Texas ...

One More Move for Huff Could Mean a Great Defense for the Raiders

Posted: 5th June 2010 by Carl Cockerham in NFL
Michael Huff has been largely criticized for his play since arriving in Oakland in 2006. Many have looked at his stat sheet and have even called him a bust as a number seven pick. I don't see it that way. If you want to go from a standpoint of statistical production vs. place in the draft then you can say so. However, he is a good football player and has tried his best to do what ...