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Edmonton Oilers: Story Of a Comeback

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by Caitlin Schulz in NHL
Last night was a true testament to the talent and workmanship of the Edmonton Oilers.á Two players hadáfive points each ináa game that boasted a 6-4 final score.á While at times they faltered, the club certainly deserved the win. Taking the lead early in the first, Edmonton looked poised to take on a team they had struggled against ináthe season prior.á Halfway through the second, it was a completely different story.á ...

The Embarrassment of Pheonix

Posted: 24th September 2009 by Caitlin Schulz in NHL
The future of the Phoenix Coyotes is up in the air, and now, so is their coaching position. Wayne Gretzky announced today that he would be stepping down from his position as coach and director of hockey operations. Now what? For the past few months, the Coyotes have become the embarrassment of the National Hockey League. And it isn't because the the organization has been conducting itself poorly. The NHL, Gary Bettman, ...