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Marc Bulger Fallout: 10 Possible Landing Spots for QB Troy Smith

Posted: 27th June 2010 by Brendan Majev in NFL
The acquisition of former Pro Bowl QB Marc Bulger via free agency from the St. Louis Rams is correctly being lauded as a strong move by Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome- the latest in a string of good moves by the "Wizard of Oz" this offseason. However, it is extremely unlikely that the Ravens would carry 4 quarterbacks on their active roster this season. Obviously, Joe Flacco is safe: he's the starter. ...

Baltimore Ravens: Five Players Required to Step Up in 2010

Posted: 15th June 2010 by Brendan Majev in NFL
One constant that the Ravens have been blessed with is the presence of GM Ozzie Newsome, affectionately called the "Wizard of Oz" by Ravens fans far and wide for his shrewd personnel moves and ability to consistently put together teams with superior talent, ultimately resulting in several playoff appearances and a Super Bowl Championship. This year, many people, me included, are expecting a big-time run toward the second Lombardi in ...

Prediction Time: 2010 NFL Playoff Picture

Posted: 20th May 2010 by Brendan Majev in NFL
Okay everyone, with the draft in the rear view mirror it is time for predictions: who's going dancing in the 2010 NFL Playoffs? This format will be simple: I'll look at teams in the AFC that made it last year, pick "in or out" for all of them, and then predict who I think will fill the vacated spots. I'll then do the same for the NFC. Teams make appearances in ...