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The 10 Best Tattoos In the NBA

Posted: 14th December 2009 by Bennett Spector in NBA
NBA players are getting inked-up like it's nobody business these days. Maybe it's a status thing or maybe it's a fashion thing - whatever it is, I dig it (as long as it's not on my back). Just about everyone in the NBA is rocking a little bit of ink but there are 10 tattoos that simply stand out from the rest. So sit back, relax, and marvel at the ...

The Michael Crabtree Ordeal Is All Mel Kiper’s Fault

Posted: 18th September 2009 by Bennett Spector in NFL
Could the Michael Crabtree situation have been avoided? You're absolutely right it could have been. If it wasn't for Mel Kiper's useless "Draft Big Board," Crabtree would be suited up for the 49ers and reeling in Shaun Hill dump-offs.  I had finally begun to cope with watching NFL Live year 'round on ESPN. It was out of control and a major waste of programming but I had finally convinced myself that it was ...