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How the Giants Front Seven Translate to a 3-4 Defense

Posted: 8th January 2010 by Benjamin Klein in NFL
With the New York Football Giants and 3-4 defensive guru Romeo Crennel rumored to be mutually interested in discussing the Giants vacant defensive coordinator post it begs the question of how well the Giants current defensive front seven would translate to a 3-4 defense. The following slideshow will provide individual assessments of how the current Giants front seven would fare in a 3-4 defensive scheme. Begin Slideshow

Pete Carroll Should Go To Seattle: 10 Reasons Why

Posted: 8th January 2010 by Benjamin Klein in NFL
No NFL opportunity could be a more perfect match for Pete Carroll than the Seattle Seahawks. Carroll has always maintained that he would never leave USC unless a premium opportunity arose in the NFL. Few thought that opportunity would come with the Seattle Seahawks, but c'est la vie. The following is a list of 10 reasons why Carroll is making a smart move 1.áááááThe Seahawks have a billionaire owner named Paul Allen ...

Pat Riley Should Regret Not Drafting O.J. Mayo

Posted: 8th January 2010 by Benjamin Klein in NBA
Miami Heat President Pat Riley should have trusted his gut with the No. 2 pick in the 2008 NBA draft and taken O.J. Mayo instead of Michael Beasley. Riley, long known for his purported arrogance, seems to have gone soft as he should have refused to listen to the fans, sports analysts, mock draft pundits, and his own basketball people who convinced him that Beasley,áthen a freshman power forward out of ...

NFL Mock Draft Top Five: Feel Free to Mock

Posted: 7th January 2010 by Benjamin Klein in NFL
While it's insane to think its possible to predict an entire NFL draft, it might be within the realm of possibility to figure out the first five picks. Below is the best estimation of the first five picks of the 2010 NFL draft based upon scouting reports, team needs, coaches' philosophical styles and gut instinct. Enjoy and feel free to rip me a new one in the comments section.á á St. Louis Rams: ...

Giants GM Jerry Reese Is Stuck in the Rough

Posted: 31st December 2009 by Benjamin Klein in NFL
New York Football Giants General Manager Jerry Reese has hit the first rough patch of a career he started so famously in 2007.á An off-season spending spree that produced Defensive Tackles ChrisáCantyáand Rocky Bernard, Safety C.C. Brown, and Weak-side Linebacker MichaeláBoleyáhas failed miserably. Either due to weak performance or injury, not a single addition has performed up to expectations.á The signing of former SeattleáSeahawkáRocky Bernard to a four year, $16 million contract ...