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Rocky Mountain High: Colorado’s Ready to Throw A Postseason Party

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Anthony Masterson in MLB
A brilliant scholar once said:á "When it's time to party, we will party hard." Well, for the Colorado Rockies, it isáfinally time to put their postseason party hats on. Revel in it, Rockies fans. It's time for Rocktober: Part Deux. Exhibiting a string of successes never before seen in the Rocky Mountains, the boys in purple pinstripes have established themselves as one of the forces to be reckoned with in the National League. Yes, those ...

Depth of Roster Keeping Colorado Rockies Rolling

Posted: 10th September 2009 by Anthony Masterson in MLB
For possibly the first (maybe second) time in Colorado Rockies franchise history, the team on the tips of the tongues of Denver-ites (Denver-oans?) come mid-September is not the Denver Broncos, but that team that plays on 20th and Blake. The Rockies have just moved to twenty-one games over .500 (81-60 as of September 10) for the first time ever, and the team keeps inching further and further away from the second-place ...