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NHL Draft: 10 Late Round Picks That Went On to Be Stars

Posted: 25th June 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding the NHL Entry Draft every year, and usually it surrounds the top picks, who usually end up going on to have superb NHL careers. Of course, for every top pick that succeeds, there are also some that absolutely bomb. On the opposite end, there are also those that don't get picked in the first, or even the second round, but turn out to ...

NHL 2010 Draft: 10 Burning Questions

Posted: 25th June 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
With the NHL Entry Draft fast approaching, let's take a look at some questions that might pertain to your favorite squad, and if we will get the answers we need by this weekend.Begin Slideshow

2010 NHL Awards: Five Alternative Nominees for the Jack Adams

Posted: 18th June 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
The NHL Awards will be taking place in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, and the three nominees for the Jack Adams award for Best Coach are definitely deserving of the honor. They include Dave Tippett of the Phoenix Coyotes, Joe Sacco of the Colorado Avalanche, and Barry Trotz of the Nashville Predators. Here are a list of five other coaches that could've been nominated for the award, based on what each ...

NHL: Five Trades That Must Happen Before July 1

Posted: 15th June 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
Well, now that the Chicago Blackhawks have capped off the 2009-10 season on the ice with the Stanley Cup, there are a couple of off-ice events that must be addressed before July 1, when the free agency floodgates open. First, the NHL Awards will take place next week. Some of the great individual performances of this past year will be rewarded. Second, the NHL Entry Draft will also take place on ...

NHL 2010 Playoffs Bracket: Second Round Brackets & Predictions

Posted: 29th April 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
The first round of the NHL playoffs this season was nothing short of phenomenal. There was a little bit of everything: overtime games, new playoff heroes, goaltending clinics, and upsets galore. Can the second round bring the same type of drama as the first few weeks of the postseason? A few series definitely have the potential to do just that. The Western Conference still has the top three seeds competing, while in ...

NHL Fantasy Playoff Preview: Western Conference

Posted: 14th April 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
As everybody reading this will know, the Stanley Cup playoffs are all set to go, and it will be an interesting two months, that’s for sure. There are a couple of teams that are considered major contenders for the Cup, but there are a handful of other teams that could easily go all the way, and it wouldn’t surprise anybody. Of course, with the playoffs starting, that means the regular season ...

The 2010 NHL Draft Lottery: The Contenders

Posted: 12th April 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
The NHL Playoffs begin on Wednesday, but for the teams that are now done for the next four months, their Finals matchup will take place Tuesday evening, when the NHL Draft Lottery will be held. A team only can move up 5 spots if it wins the Lottery, but can only drop one spot if it doesn't. With that being said, a lot is on the line for some of the ...

2010 NHL Playoff Predictions: 15 Bold Postseason Predictions

Posted: 11th April 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
Last year, the Pittsburgh Penguins hoisted Lord Stanley's mug in June, defeating the Detroit Red Wings in a thrilling series, which saw Sidney Crosby walk away with the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Playoff MVP. We also got to see the young Chicago Blackhawks take a major step forward, Roberto Luongo get humiliated, Marian Hossa come out on the wrong end again in the Finals, and of course, Sid vs. ...

The Calgary Flames Need To Trade Jarome Iginla

Posted: 7th April 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
It’s something that has never been suggested, let alone talked about in the last decade if you are a Calgary Flames fan. Heck, it’s something that wasn’t talked about even three months ago. With the team now officially eliminated from the playoff picture thanks to the San Jose Sharks, however,  I will come out and say what some might be thinking privately. The Calgary Flames should trade Jarome Iginla this offseason.  Yes, I ...

Ranking the Top Lines For All 30 NHL Teams

Posted: 13th March 2010 by Anjul Virk in NHL
It's pretty much a given, that the top players on each team, receive the most ice time. Usually, the top defensive pairing will log about 25 minutes each night at the minimum, while the forwards on the top line will usually play between 20 and 22 minutes a game. However, because of various circumstances (injuries, poor performance, coaching strategy, etc.) the top lines for each squad will not have the top ...