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Joey Votto Needs Our Help to See Some California Girls

Posted: 5th July 2010 by Adam Cain in MLB
Baseball's All-Star Game is in Los Angeles/Anaheim... I'm not really sure where the LAAA's actually play.  Either way, players from all over the league will get to see the Beach Boy's and Katy Perry's favorite girls. One player, however, will not. His name? Joey Votto. How is it that baseball can never, ever, get anything right?  Most of us have heard the stats by now, but for those of us that haven't here's ...

In Tony Romo vs. the People, the Prosecution Rests

Posted: 10th November 2009 by Adam Cain in NFL
Well, well, well,á it has sure been an interesting five weeks hasn't it? Last time class was in session I gave a pretty stern lecture to all the Romo doubters out there.á I guess I need to apologize since I was wrong and he's a terrible QB after all... wait a second, you mean I was right? So again, to all those who did not choose wisely and didn't believe: boy, ...

In The People Vs. Tony Romo, the Defense Rests

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Adam Cain in NFL
To the Dallas Cowboys' brass, and everyone else who hates my man No. 9, sit down, shut-up, and listen.á It's time to put to bed this "Romo is garbage" stuff once and for all.á Everyone is spoiled and has forgotten how bad we had it just a few short years ago.á Drew Hensen, Ryan Leaf, Quincy Carter, Drew Bledsoe ... any of those guys win playoff games?á I'll take your silence as ...